Serenity and sustainability mark ownership in this first-of-its-kind fully solar-powered community

October 15, 2023

Silent Resorts launches its first destination in The Bahamas, with Ki’ama.


Kiama Bahamas is an eco-luxury development on Elizabeth Island, Exuma

Ki’ama Bahamas is an eco-luxury shared-ownership development on Elizabeth Island, Exuma.

In a world where ritzy members-only clubs, lavish tropical getaways, and shared ownership are the new normal, an eco-luxury development on the dazzling white sandy beaches of a private island in The Bahamas is on time. It is fully solar-powered, and so is its fleet of crewed and catered yachts. Yes, you read that right.

ki'ama is an eco-luxury development on Elizabeth Island, Exuma.

Ki’ama is an eco-luxury development on Elizabeth Island, Exuma.

Set your sails and sights on Ki’ama Bahamas, the world’s first solar-powered shared-ownership yacht and residence club. This exclusive community is on Elizabeth Island, a private enclave just a quick electric boat ride from George Town, Exuma, The Bahamas. In a world where green-washing and faux sustainability have become commonplace in the luxury space, this Ki’ama Bahamas proves its commitment to preservation as the first Silent Resorts destination.

What is Silent Resorts?

For the busy, overworked entrepreneur or corporate professional, a silent retreat could be just what they need to rest and reset. In the case of Ki’ama Bahamas, silence has a double meaning. Powered by the sun, Silent Resorts is a global brand setting out to “create the world’s first integrated land/sea, ultra-sustainable, private, exclusive, secure, 100% solar-powered, luxury and adventure destinations.” Beyond creating a safe and sustainable haven for its owners, Silent Resorts targets boating enthusiasts who want to enjoy the planet’s most pristine and untapped destinations without harming the environment.

How do they do that? Through their proprietary relationship with Silent Yachts, of course. Like the 24 residences at Ki’ama Bahamas, Silent Yachts are fully solar-powered. When you combine the perfect private island destination, residences that are pre-engineered, carbon-negative, and low-impact, with a fleet of crewed, fully solar-powered yachts, you don’t just create a community – you create a movement. That’s what Silent Resorts is keen on doing with its first destination in The Bahamas.

Combatting the environmental impact of vacation home ownership

For the average [vacation] homeowner, this second [or third] home can negatively impact the environment of a tropical destination such as The Bahamas. Depending on where they build their home, some homeowners may destroy natural ecosystems through dredging and excavation, and by building on marshlands filled with mangroves that protect island nations impacted by hurricanes. Unlike Ki’ama Bahamas, most of these homes are built with diesel-powered machinery, then powered by electricity, which also uses diesel. Ki’ama Bahamas avoids excavation and builds its structures above the ground on piers using sustainably harvested and recycled hardwood timber, recyclable steel, aluminum, and glass, complemented by natural-fiber upholstery and wood furnishings.

For the environmentally-conscious, solar-powered homes in one of the sunniest places on Earth is a no-brainer. Yet, solar energy is not a source fully embraced in the nation due to the initial investment to install solar panels in your home, and the lack of infrastructure and tertiary support to implement it nationwide. Whether Ki’ama Bahamas will be the catalyst for fully solar-powered real-estate developments remains to be seen, but the future of sustainability could be as bright as the sun!

About Club Ki’ama

The name “Ki’ama” is derived from the Arawakan language spoken by indigenous inhabitants of The Bahamas and other parts of the Caribbean. It brings together “earth spirit” and “water” to encapsulate the ethos of this unique private island development. As an owner or resident of Ki’ama, you contribute to the Earth by doing nothing to it while surrounded by the most pristine, crystalline waters in the entire region.

Ki’ama Bahamas offers 24 residences spread across 36 acres of land on Elizabeth Island, The Bahamas. Of those 24 residences, 16 are Club Ki’ama residences. While co-ownership rates start at $545,000, Club Ki’ama matches ownership price and annual expense with your personal use. Club Ki’ama residences offer 4-6 bedrooms with access to nine (9) private beaches, plus world-class resort amenities that include a BBQ pit, outdoor showers, and a private swim and spa pool. The crewed and catered solar-powered Silent Yachts are available to you and your loved ones for up to 10 days and are tailored to your specific desires. This convenience could be ideal for the boating enthusiast who may not want to be bothered with the overhead of maintaining a vessel.

Is it a dream? Well, it depends on what your dreams are fueled by – diesel or the sun.

Coming Spring 2024.

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