Construction Milestones at Club Ki’ama: A New Era of Sustainable Luxury

June 14, 2024

We are excited to share significant progress on Club Ki’ama, an exclusive development on picturesque Elizabeth Island in Exuma, where MAISON proudly serves as the exclusive listing brokerage. As we witness the developer’s vision come to life, it’s clear that Club Ki’ama is setting a new standard for sustainable luxury living in the Bahamas.


Building the Future of Luxury Living

From Blueprint to Reality

Club Ki’ama’s inaugural residence is steadily nearing completion, showcasing a harmonious blend of modern design and sustainable innovation. Led by Ki’ama Partner Victor Barrett and Construction Supervisor Julian Johanson-Brown, the on-island team spearheaded by Claus Becker is turning architectural dreams into tangible reality.

The structural framework is now fully enclosed, marking a critical milestone. With roofs installed, floors meticulously finished, and windows and doors securely in place, the residence stands resilient against the elements. This advancement has allowed us to pivot towards refining the interiors, where the elegance of custom mahogany cabinets and doors from Belize will soon grace the living spaces.

Belizean Hardwood: Strength Meets Elegance
A defining feature of the residence is the use of Belizean hardwood, which exudes both durability and refined luxury. Visitors have been impressed by the residence’s grandeur and the quality of materials, affirming our commitment to superior craftsmanship and sustainable practices.



A Commitment to Sustainability

Pioneering Self-Sufficiency

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Club Ki’ama. The state-of-the-art water maker is now operational, providing potable water directly to the residence and advancing the goal of self-sufficiency. This system is crucial for minimizing environmental impact while ensuring a reliable water supply.

Simultaneously, the solar system’s battery room is almost complete. This facility will house the inverters and batteries necessary to power the first two homes, further advancing our goal of harnessing renewable energy to sustain our community.


Progress on the Second Residence

Building on Experience

Construction of the second residence is progressing swiftly, leveraging the insights gained from the initial build. The pool is already in place, and all foundations are poured, laying the groundwork for the steel piers. These advancements promise a streamlined construction timeline, These developments are paving the way for another exquisite living space at Club Ki’ama.


Sailing into Serenity with Silent Seven

Eco-Friendly Exploration

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the residences. The Silent Seven, our solar-powered yacht, is a testament to this philosophy. This eco-friendly vessel provides a unique and silent way to explore the enchanting waters of the Exumas, offering a serene cruising experience that aligns perfectly with the tranquil environment of Club Ki’ama.

For more details on yacht charters, click here.

An Invitation to Discover Club Ki’ama

Experience the Vision

We invite you to witness the evolution of Club Ki’ama firsthand. Between June 11th and June 16th, Club Ki’ama opens its doors to prospective residents and investors. This is your opportunity to explore our development, experience the breathtaking views, and envision your future in this unparalleled sustainable community.


Plan Your Visit
To schedule a visit or inquire about available properties, please contact us at or call +1.242.376.7731. We’re here to assist with any questions and to arrange your tour.

Contact Information:

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  • Phone: +1 242.376.773

Explore Club Ki’ama with us—a place where luxury and sustainability converge to redefine island living in the Bahamas. Be part of a community that embraces both elegance and eco-conscious living.

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